An overview of language availability in Ground Control

Measure is committed to supporting users worldwide by continuing to increase the number of languages we support.

Mobile Application

The Measure Ground Control Android app (also the app for DJI CrystalSky and DJI Smart Controllers) currently supports the following languages*:

  1. English (United States)
  2. Spanish (United States) | Español (Estados Unidos)
  3. Portuguese (Brazil) | Português (Brasil)
  4. French (France) | Français (France)
  5. Italian (Italy) | Italiano (Italia)

*Your device's language must be set to one of the languages above in order to make use of a language other than English in the Ground Control mobile application.

Additional languages besides English will be coming to the iOS version of Ground Control soon.

Web Application

Users using the Google Chrome web browser can right-click on any page within Ground Control and choose a language to translate into:

Translate Languages

 Users can use these settings to translate Ground Control into dozens of languages.

We look forward to adding more system-native translations to the web version of Ground Control in the future.

Customer Support

We are currently able to offer technical support to users in English or Spanish. If technical support is needed outside of English or Spanish, we ask that you provide your message in English to our support team.


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