Adding New Users to Measure Ground Control

Add members of your team to your drone program

Adding Users

Users are added from the People screen in the MGC Web Portal (Manage -> People). Only Administrators may add new users to Measure Ground Control.

New users cannot be added if there are no more enabled user licenses remaining. To purchase more licenses, contact your account manager or for help. If you choose, as an Enterprise Account, you can disable one user and enable another to fill that slot. 

Add User - A user can be a custom mixture of roles/privileges available in Measure Ground Control to provide them with the privileges needed. The most common roles are Pilot, Data Analyst, and Admin.

While the fields for a new user are the same, once a pilot is added, you have additional editable fields if desired. 


Add User


Once the information is entered, click Add User. The user will receive an email notification and can follow the listed instructions to access their new account. 

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