General FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Measure Ground Control features.

I'm trying to submit images for processing but am having some issues. Any ideas?

Your issues could be browser-dependent, but the most common culprit here is an ad blocker on google chrome. Make sure you have this turned off before uploading imagery. 

How do I purchase more image processing for mapping or inspections? 

Enterprise Users should reach out to your account representative. 

I'm a seasonal user for drone data processing- what is the best license for me? 

 You would choose Enterprise for program management features and so that your users can share your combined bucket of data processing. You should also sign up for an Enterprise subscription if you need Enterprise-only features like Scopito. 

Individual license Pro users can sign up on an annual basis for a discount or on a monthly basis for flexibility.

Can you create data products from thermal or multispectral imagery as well as RGB? 

Yes, we can create data products from RGB, Multispectral, and Thermal imagery. JPG and TIFF are supported for RGB and Multispectral Imagery, and TIFF imagery is required for thermal imagery.

How long does a map take to process? 

Map processing time in the cloud is relative to your submitted imagery gigapixel count, image quality, and the overall cloud processing queue length. A gigapixel image is composed of one billion pixels, which is 1000 times the information captured by a 1-megapixel digital camera. On average a map starts processing in the cloud within an hour after submission based on an average queue wait time. Processing duration examples, not including queue waiting, are shared in the table below. Please note these are estimates and processing time may vary. If your data product has not reached 'Done' in 24 hours, please contact support for assistance.

Image Count Image Megapixels Total Gigapixels Duration
200 20 4.0 56 mins
500 20 10.0 1 hour and 46 mins
1000 20 20.0 3 hours and 42 mins

How do I export and view orthos locally? 

You can assets from the map viewer. For smaller sized .tiff raster data (i.e. orthomosaics, DSMs, indices, reflectance maps), a Mac or Windows imager viewer application will likely suffice but for larger files we recommend using a GIS such as ArcGIS or QGIS. You can also export 3D point clouds and 3D mesh bundles. 


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