Flight App FAQs

Find answers to common questions about the Measure Ground Control Flight Application.

Is MGC Local Data Mode different than DJI Go's Local Data Mode?

The primary difference is that with MGC local data mode, your information remains on our US based servers rather than DJI’s. We leave this on by default, for security reasons

Will I ever need to turn Local Data mode off?

There are only two instances in which you'd need to switch local data mode off, or go into DJI Go4 without Airplane mode for something MGC does not provide.

1. If you are in an area that would require GeoUnlock, you must switch local data mode off so our app can communicate with DJI to unlock your device locally.

2. The other instance is for firmware updates; MGC does not handle Firmware updates, so you must go into DJI Go to complete. 

Do I have to start or create a Mission to fly? 

No, you do not. You can always just log into MGC and fly, your flights will still log. You can even associate flights with a Mission you create in the web portal after the fact. But if you start a Mission, any flights you do, automated or manual, will roll up to that Mission

The App is crashing

We monitor our app through Crashlytics to ensure our users have an optimal experience utilizing Measure Ground Control.  Sometimes the reason for crashes can be resolved by following best practices. Here are some usual culprits that could be at play in an app crash:

1. Device, App or Firmware update/mismatch- always ensure you are operating on the latest version in all categories. When you do perform an update, it’s a best practice to restart your device to ensure no memory issues, especially with 3rd party applications.

2. Conflicting Applications- DJI Go or other 3rd party flight applications should not be open when utilizing MGC.

3. Under-powered Devices- Older iPads, iPhones, tablets and many crystal sky devices are typically underpowered and may be more prone to memory challenges with all 3rd party applications.

Can I duplicate a flight plan on mobile? 

Yes, you can do this by swiping to the left on your flight plan name


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